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 I have this routine of getting up and feeding my two dogs at 7am or 7:30am ( or somewhere in that timeframe). What I like about this time is that there's hardly anyone out on our street. Maybe the occasional guy leaving the woods, a late student, or a parent walking/pushing their kid in a stroller, but that's it. Its quiet and I've never had a problem since I started this routine....until today.

Since I use a cami as a sleep shirt , I threw on a old and worn shirt before I go to feed the dogs. After I've filled the cup with dog food, I walk to the front yard and see that one of the neighbors relatives outside and near their suv. There was a bunch of internal cussing on my part when he said hello. This guy has been in trouble with the law (not sure what for but when I find out , i'll tell you) and a scum bag.  I mumble a quick and disinterested 'Hi', hoping he would go back to working on what ever he was doing. Nope. Just as I set the dog food down, I see that he's moving toward the fence, toward me. Quickly, I walk to the front gate and pretend to fix it *; I do things like looking at the pile of leaves I raked yesterday or examine my onions' and mango trees, anything that puts me behind the van and out of his sight.

After some minutes, I take a peek to see if he's there, he is, but he's sitting in a chair with his back to me and he's messing with his phone. Not great, but he's on his phone.. so maybe he'll ignore me? Again. Nope. As soon as he hears me, he gets up *more internal cussing* and face's me. As I fill the dogs bowls with food and water, our conversation goes:

Him: 'What's your name?

Me: curse this inability to lie 'My name is XXXX

Him: 'How old are you?'

Me: why the f*ck do you want to know? .......25........

 Him: Whose XXXX to you?

Me: ???? He's my uncle

Him: Are you always up at this time feeding your dogs?

LOL like I'm going to tell you

At this point i'm done (with the food and with him) , so as I set the bowls down, I mumbled a vague response to the question so low I knew he couldn't hear me and walked away. This guys questions bothered me so much that from now on I'm carrying my grafting knife when I feed the dogs. Not only that but I'm going to lay some homemade weapons within arms reach from where I sleep.

And this isn't the first time I've had an encounter with a creepy dude. The first was in early March and the second one just last week.

 For reference these are the Cami's I wear to sleep. That's why I put a extra shirt on.

* My dogs thought I filled their bowls already because as soon as I walked toward the gate they ran to the porch looking for their food.