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I feel that if i post updates here on Lj, it will motivate me to write more. So...

  • I signed up for Reel Torchwood. My movie choice was Night at the Museum. I think i'm doing ok with it.

  • The first chapter of a Star Trek First Contact/Merlin fusion fic is done (working on the second) but I want it to be at least halfway done before i start posting anything.   2 yrs.  I have been trying to write this fic for 2 effing years.

  • Almost done with the first draft of a timeline i'm making for a Vikings fic I want to write. I say first draft because I know that I'm going to change somethings in it. I just need to see if and how the plot will move from one event to another.

  • I'm also attempting to make a 4th Doctors Scarf.  

My progress so far