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but today they asked me if I wanted to drive the Jeep Cherokee home. From where we switched seats to home was about 22 miles. I'm told I did good, just have to work on my turns.

For me this is a big deal because 1)I'm kind of scared of driving and  2) I'm used to driving this 

I've had mild success at driving a Honda CR-V and a Ford Explorer.



 I have this routine of getting up and feeding my two dogs at 7am or 7:30am ( or somewhere in that timeframe). What I like about this time is that there's hardly anyone out on our street. Maybe the occasional guy leaving the woods, a late student, or a parent walking/pushing their kid in a stroller, but that's it. Its quiet and I've never had a problem since I started this routine....until today.

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 For reference these are the Cami's I wear to sleep. That's why I put a extra shirt on.

* My dogs thought I filled their bowls already because as soon as I walked toward the gate they ran to the porch looking for their food.


Of Pantries and Super Bowl Parties

The thing about my family that annoys me the most how disorganized they are.

As seen here:

The bottom is what I got done and hour before the super bowl.
Next pic is  30 mins before the super bowl:

not clean but time was running out.
All the expired food I found( so you don't think we waste food, most of it was given to us already expired):

four boxs of pasta.
And whats left:

Bet you by tomorrow the top half will be messy again.

I also threw a my first super bowl party

Dissapointed by the game but we had fun ( uncle, sis, and I). My team is the Cowboys but we were rooting for the Falcons
I'm on dreamwidth. Same name. Will be posting there from now on. 


Just spent a week marathoning Hawaii 50. I'm down to the last 2 eps of season 6, which i'm going to watch as soon as l log off LJ. I love this show and am sad that  A) Alex is leaving B) It might be cancled after season 8

On with the show!!
Related image


Happy 50th Anniversary Star Trek!


Sorry this is late

I'm sorry i haven't posted an update about the job interview, it's just alot happend after that.

To start off, it would appear I didn't get the job. I was told by the interviewer that I would receive an email later that night or Friday if I got the job. I never did. But like I said, it's ok, I get to go on vacation. The hotel was booked months ago and this vacation was planned since March. So i was happy I get to go.

Now I was going to post that Saturday, June 11, but having been out  of town and getting home exhausted, I thought " I'll post that tomorrow". Well, you know what happend Sunday. I felt that posting about a possible job just hours after such a great loss of life and the events before and after would be disrespectful.

So I waited a week, only to get my period. Spent like three days in bed and in pain.

Sunday, June 19, my periond ends and because i'm busy that morining and afternoon and won't get home till after 6pm (I'm at a someone's house with 20 other people) , I figure i'll just post it that night. Around 5pm I get a text from my sister that actor Anton Yelchin has died. I don't believe it at first (thinking it's a hoax) so i google it. It was true. I had a hard time keeping it together at that moment. His death hit me hard because A) how young he was B) how he died and C) the fact that he was in a series that I liked 'Star Trek'.  For days after his death, even now, there is this overwhelming sadness and guilt. Sadness because he was an only child, how much his parents loved him, and how in pain he must have felt. For the guilt I can't explain. I was nowhere near California when he died ( I live in FL), I was asleep when it happened. Maybe it's because i didn't pray hard enough? Either way i'm trying to work through these feelings but this month has been crazy and it's just left me emotionally drained.

I hope and pray that next month will be better.  

Job Update

I have a Dollar General interview in a few hours! Honestly speaking, I wasn't expecting anything to happen when I applied back in early May.
Don't get me wrong, I need a job (Obama care), but it's like

In May I have had vacation plans made, three of those are unavoidable (if push comes to shove, I won't take the job) but the other four I can drop-out. I don't want anything fancy a part-time job will be okay. But still WHY NOW! I just made plans to meet up with some one Friday.  I'm freaking out right now!


Scarf Pic's

My progress so far on the 4th Doctors scarf

The scarf i'm making for my cousin. Sorry about the light; yarn color is red heart cherry red and red heart black


Its hard to write this, but the joy i used to have in reading fandom fanfics has just left.  I mean I have this want and urge to write...but just not fandom fanfics. I want to write original stories but idk (look at my first attempt at fanfic ).

Speaking of fanfics, last year I made this post , I still plan on finishing that First Contact/Merlin fic, I just have to sit my butt down a finish the chap. 2,3, and 4. The Vikings fic is more advanced in planning then the ST/Merlin fic is. I have the plot down and about 2 to 3 pages of notes done , I just have to start it. I know what i said in the first paragraph but these have been on my mind and i just want to get them done and over with so I can move on.

I'm kitting! Yay! I have 3 WIP. I'm making a simple green hat, a scarf for my cousin and the 4th Doctors scarf. My tablet is being a pain and won't let me upload the pics using a usb cable. I will upload them before the month ends.